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MANOB SHEBA O SHAMAJIK UNNAYAN SHANGSTHA (MSSUS) is a non-government and not-for-profit organization and it works for the improvement of life status of poor and socially disadvantaged population by undertaking various programs and projects. MSSUS established in 1998 and registered with Directorates of Social Welfare and Family Planning. A group of professional social workers and professional people of Khulna took the initiative and established the organization. MSSUS is presently working in Khulna City Corporation and Batia Ghata Upazila, Dumuria Upaziala, Phultala Upazila, Digholia Upazila, Tarokhada Upazila, Rupsha Upazila of Khulna district since inception. The principal regulating body of the NGO is Executive Committee consisting of 9 members, manned by diversified professionals who elected from General Body consisting of 37 members bi-annually. MSSUS is situated on its owned land property of 12 decimal with one storied building.

MSSUS is committed to create a productive and economic independent society that is free from poverty and where people can exercise their basic social rights, through activities that focus on Women children and distressed people.





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