Other relevant organizational experience:
Previous Experience of the organization:

In Legal Aid Sector: MSSUS working in the field of Legal Aid Sector since 1998 with a self-support of the honorable member of the organization. Last year MSSUS conducted total 67 arbitrations (Salish) out them 46 cases had been solved and 21 cases are under process. We also arranged 9 Advocacy Meeting & 04 Seminar regarding the Legal Aid Issue.

n Education Sector: MSSUS presently operating 10 School for Non Formal Primary Education (NFPE) in Batiaghata Upazila since 2003. Total numbers of students are 300 (three hundred) only 30 students per school. A 30 number of pre-school going underprivileged children studies in 37 Khan Jahan Ali Road office every working day.

n Health & Family Planning Sector: MSSUS has been running one Free Friday clinic in MSSUS office Premises. MSSUS is Providing Family Planning Services in Batia Ghata Upazila. Total Catchment eligible couple is 5,000. MSSUS also providing Primary Health Care Services in Mohishaguni of Rupsha Upazila.

HIV/AIDS Prevention Activities: MSSUS Arrange HIV/AIDS advocacy workshop/seminar with the involvements of the College Students, Rickshaw Puller, Floating CSW, and Daily Labor. Also arrange video show, participating in fare, interpersonal communication, and group meetings). MSSUS has awareness program at Phultala Brothel?s. MSSUS also refer STI patients to nearby clinics for better treatment.

Training and Handicrafts Sector: MSSUS has a training cell where it provides training for the women on handicrafts. A total number of beneficiaries is about 350. MSSUS is also providing training program is "Basic Training on HIV/AIDS awareness for the Youth" with a target of 750 Juba Red Crescent Members. Till now 140 are trained in this training course. The training program was inaugurated by the Civil Surgeon Khulna.

Anti-Trafficking Activities: MSSUS has awareness program on Women and Adolescents Anti-trafficking activities. MSSUS organize advocacy-meeting, seminar, Group Meeting, IPC to aware the women and Adolescent of the community.

Birth Registration Activities: MSSUS has awareness program on Birth Registration activities. MSSUS organize advocacy meeting, Group Meeting, IPC to aware the Community People to aware them regarding benefits of Birth Registration.

Other Activities: MSSUS performs in the social development activities in the community like tree plantation, winter cloth distribution among the poor and distressed people of the community.

Observation of International & National Days: MSSUS actively participate in connection to observes International and National days with the collaboration of Government and other NGOs.

Awareness Building Activities: MSSUS participates in various fair and arrange stage cultural programs in connection to build up the awareness about health, Sanitation, Education and legal rights of the community people.

Campaign Activities: MSSUS has been facilitation volunteer services to support the all activities by own cultural team. The cultural team promotes the awareness program through Jari, Pot gan, Street drama, Gomvira etc.

Experience : MSSUS is one of the Steering Committee Member of GO-NGO HIV/AIDS Network of Khulna and also going to be member of STI/AIDS Networking of Bangladesh. Executive Committee Member of MSSUS is the one of Core Committee Member of District Birth Registration Committee, District Women and Child Monitoring Committee, District Women/Child Trafficking and Rescue Committee, Member of NHRLA-Network for Human Rights and Legal Aide, Member of SUPRO Net workings. Executive Committee Members and general members has the working experience in Primary Health Care project funded by USAID.

Financial Management : MSSUS will be responsible for the management of funds made available under this project. Project fund will be managed based on the financial rules and regulations of the MSSUS and according to the standard provision of the accounts. MSSUS will maintained separate bank account for the funds to be made available under this projects. The General Secretary of MSSUS and President or Treasurer of MSSUS will be the signatories of this account. MSSUS will be responsible for financial control and management of the funds made available under this project.

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